Property Tax Information

Annual Tax Statement

Annual tax statements are issued in the fall of the current year and billed for the calendar year. They may be paid in two installments or all at once.

  • 1st half due October 1, DELINQUENT NOVEMBER 1
  • 2nd half due March 1, DELINQUENT MAY 1

The County Treasurer WILL NOT be held responsible for payments made on the wrong property and will not accept payments in advance of their due date.

To avoid problems:

  • Check the property description on your tax statement.
  • Provide your parcel number when making payments or inquiries at the County Treasurer’s or Assessor’s office.
    • Your parcel number can be found on your Final Settlement Statement or your title commitment.
    • The Treasurer must place interest on all delinquent accounts.

Updating the Assessor’s Records

Ownership information transfers may take six months to process. If property is purchased after November 1 of the previous year, new owners may not receive a tax statement. New owners should contact the Treasurer’s office if a statement is not received by October 15th of the following year.

Notification of Value

Assessment notices are sent to property owners on or before January 31st of each year. The notice includes assessed value, full cash value, classification and assessment ratio. These items may be protested through the County Assessor within 45 days of receipt.

Yavapai Tax Assessor

Yavapai County Tax Inquiry: